Three years of the “Today I learn, tomorrow I work” project Final results

Press release 12|12|2023

The Roma Education Fund Foundation organized, in a hybrid format, on December 5, 2023, at the Beica de Jos Secondary School, Mureș County, the closing event of the project “Today I learn, tomorrow I work” (ID 148454), co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Program Operational Human Capital.

For 30 months, the project’s main objective was to increase the quality of the workforce, especially that of young people without jobs, education or training, including those at risk of social exclusion and young people from marginalized communities (young NEETs). The project facilitated their access to support programs and transition to the labor market in the Northeast and Center regions.

Some of the beneficiaries participated in the event, as well as Mrs. Maria Moldovan, the mayor of Beica commune, Mrs. Nadia Gaszi, director of the Beica Secondary School, Mures county, Mr. Eduard Ștefan Gazsi, school inspector for minorities within the Mureș County School Inspectorate, Mrs. Ionela Cristea , Roma Education Fund Romania program director, Cristina Grigore, SHAPYR project manager, Mrs. Lidia Nădășan, school counselor, the directors of the other schools involved in the project and members of the local community.

“Our organization has always sought to return to the communities where it has worked before, each time expanding the scope of our activities and the targeted target group. This time, in five of the 9 communities where we implemented the “Today I learn, tomorrow I work” project, we returned with a complex program of the “Second Chance” type, offering young people the opportunity to complete compulsory education. In total, within the project, over 350 young people benefited from this opportunity, of which 26 also obtained a qualification. We congratulate these young people and wish them much success in finding a job suitable for the century in which we live!” – Ionela Cristea, director of REF Romania programs.

The project was implemented in 9 partner schools/communities:

“The collaboration between the Beica de Jos Secondary School and the Roma Education Fund Romania foundation began in the 2014 school year with “On the seats, be ready, start!”, a project that brought us many benefits: it endowed the school with a new kindergarten, in which two groups of kindergartens equipped at the European level operate, a toy library equipped with over 300 books and games for preschoolers and students, sanitary facilities for both students and teachers. In the 2021 school year, REF Romania came again to Beica de Jos with two new special and very beneficial projects for the Roma community: “Connected to education” and “Today I learn, tomorrow I work”. In the last mentioned project, all trainees benefited from free driving school, subsidies and supplies. We live with the hope that the project will continue and the others will be able to complete their started classes” – Nadia Gaszi, director of the Beica Secondary School, Mures county.

Through the program “A Doua Chance” (ADS) at primary and lower secondary level, the project provided
support to schools and teachers by providing tools and materials didactic, supplies and supplies for learners and teachers, as well as tablets as a learning support for beneficiaries.

Internship programs have had a significant impact. A number of 26 young people from Deda and Beica obtained qualifications, consolidating their knowledge in fields such as carpentry and commercial worker.

An essential aspect of the project was providing educational and vocational counseling and support. By hiring to a school counselor at the level of each partner school, the beneficiaries were prepared for the informed choice of an educational and professional path, learning to draft resumes, cover letters, and taking tests of interests

Workshops were also held and intercultural activities at the community level, running a campaign on
during the project on intercultural education, inclusive school, civic education and personal development, with the participation of 2 experts from project.

Among the results of the project we mention:

“Looking to the future, the project focused on sustainability through expertise at the school level and the continuation of ADS programs with support from public funds. Joint initiatives have been established with schools to continue these programs and to transform schools into friendly and inclusive institutions. These achievements represent an important step in supporting disadvantaged young people in their transition to the labor market and reflect the commitment of the school community and partners in developing a more promising future for young people from the North-East and Center regions” – Andreea Nedelcu, ADS educational coordinator, REFRomania.


The “Today I learn, tomorrow I work” project – MySMIS code 148454 – is co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020. The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union or the Government of Romania. For detailed information about the other programs co-financed by the European Union, we invite you to visit The total value of the project is 4,838,470.06 lei, and the amount of EU co-financing is 4,112,699.54 lei.

For additional information, please contact Ionela Cristea, Program Director, 021. 2000. 600,

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